(Posted 07/08/17)  Well, it was one beautiful night, outdoors and under the stars at The Irish Legend in Willow Springs last night.   Not even a brief rain during the second set could damper the mood.    The band played thru and the crowd stayed too.   We had a great time!    Thanks to everyone.   Hope to see you there again next month

(Posted 06/12/17)   Another wonderful show last night at Krapil's in Worth.    This is our sixth year there and it just keeps getting better.   The outdoor patio is beautiful and the band had a gas.    We want to thank Ron and the family and team - they make everyone feel special.    Thanks to all for making the time to party with us.   Hope to see you again soon.

(Posted 04/27/17)   Last night was a show for the ages - a debut performance for the Wrong Boys at Buddy Guy's Legends, in Chicago.   We were one of four featured bands in a corporate battle of the bands sponsored by Tribeca Flashpoint College, and for the benefit of the Greater Chicago Food Depository.   The boys had a great time, and raised over $2,000 for the Food Depository to boot!  Thanks to everyone for your support and making this happen.  Check out the club-produced video right here, wrongboysbuddyguysclubvideo.

(Posted 04/23/17)   What a great show and crowd last night at Mister Mo's in Palos Heights.   It was good to be back - special thanks to Rich, Cory, and team for really taking care of everyone.  And big THANKS again to all our family and friends for coming out on a Saturday night.  Stay posted.  We'll be back soon.

(Posted 03/25/17)  Last night at Durbin's, Palos Hills, was our first gig of the year and it was awesome.   The band is still on a roll.   Special thanks to the team at Durbin's, you folks make everyone feel at home.   Thanks too to all our friends, co-workers and families who continue to come out and support us.  We love you all.

(Posted 12/12/16) Turned out to be a great year-ending show Saturday night at Mister Mo's in Palos Heights.  Thanks again to Rich for having us and to all our family and friends (and new friends, too) for braving the weather.  You were great!   We had a blast as you can tell, check out these two video clips:

Set 1 Medley, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4I4RhdCXhIc 

Set 2 Medley, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF2mMqfdjrM

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year from the Wrong Boys.    See you soon next year.

(Posted 11/13/16)   Last night's return to Reilly's Daughter was a rousing success.  We had a blast!    Met some new fans, and it was good to see all our friends, family and coworkers, too!    Special thanks to Brendan and the team at Reilly's - great service and hospitality.   Looking forward to another show next year.   

(Posted 10.08/16)    A consecutive show last night at the Rockin' Horse Saloon & Grill, in Oak Forest, and it was a GREAT debut performance.    Special thanks to sound man "extraordinaire" Danny (or Bear) for the mix.   That was about the best we ever sounded - ever!   Shout outs to Mick, Stash and Lynn, Terry and Ed, and Connie, Vicki and Matt (who brought us home a Cubs victory).    You guys are the best!

(Posted 10/07/16)  It was another successful set last night at the 5th annual ALTSO Rocktober Fest Charity Event at City Winery in Chicago.   Thanks to the ALTSO team, along with Ray McKenzie and Chuck Mackie, for making it happen.   Many thanks to all our friends and co-workers for your support.    Hope you had as much fun as we did!    Check out the set here on YouTube; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKoOL8lyE1k

(Posted 08/29/16)  Deja vu all over again last night at Mama Vesuvio's.   It was the 69th St. Loafers Reunion and Bocce Ball Party.   Hot blistering fun in the summer!!!   We sure had a blast!    Also want to add a special shout out to Phil LaDuca and Tony Wilson for joining us on stage for a couple of special numbers - thanks guys!    And thanks again to Geno and crew, you sure know how to throw a great party!    Hope to be back next year.

(Posted 08/27/16)   What a truly remarkable night tonight.   We were honored to perform at the Fox Valley Special Recreation Association (FVSRA) 40th anniversary party.   It was a very fun and interactive show.    The crowd was special in all ways.   Everyone loved the rock-n-roll!    And a big THANK YOU to Becky and team at FVSRA - you guys do amazing work!

(Posted 08/21/16) It was a glorious evening last night at Mama Vesuvio's in Palos Heights.   The weather threatened early but cooperated beautifully in the end.    Even the stars came out, too.   Warmest thanks to all friends, family and co-workers who came out.    Much appreciated!    And thanks to Gino and crew at Vesuvio's.   If you ate dinner there, we know you had a double-great time!  

(Posted 08/01/16) Another great gig last night at Krapil's, in WorthSpecial thanks to Ron and team.   You guys do an awesome job.  We heard a lot of positive feedback.   Looking forward to next year.    And thanks once again to all our friends, family and co-workers.    You're GREAT!

Posted 07/24/16)  Nothing could stop the Wrong Boys at Irish Legends last night in Willow Springs.   Not the heat, not the rain, and not the mugginess.   Hot summer and rock-n-roll go together!   Special thanks to Darcy Walker for guest vocals on Because the Night (see it on our website link on the right).   Thanks to all our friends and family again.    What a great turnout considering the weather.   Hope you had fun because we sure did!

(Posted 06/05/16)    Vesuvio was really rocking last night.    Not the volcano in Italy but Mama Vesuvio's in Palos Heights.   The Wrong Boys were on their game and sounding their best.   The rain stayed away, the sunset was beautiful, and the night was perfect.   Big thanks to Geno and team at Vesuvio's - you guys are the best.   Again, a big thanks to all our friends, families, and co-workers who came out.   We love you all!

(Posted 05/29/16)  What a great debut show last night at Reilly's Daughter in Oak Lawn.    Great crowd, great turnout, and an awesome venue.   Hope you enjoyed our Memorial Day Military Tribute.   Check it out here,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tV-E06SotY0   Warm thanks to all our family, friends and co-workers who showed up.   We really appreciate your support.

(Posted 03/13/16)  Last night's gig at Durbin's was a night to remember.    First gig of the year, an early St. Paddy's party, and a slew of new songs (and some new friends and fans, too!).   Once again, a special thanks to Kathy and crew at Durbin's and an extra special thanks to all our friends, family, Kennedy HS alum, and co-workers for coming out.      

(Posted 12/31/15)   HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwYXAavov68                     

(Posted 12/06/15)   It was a superb year-end show last night at Mister Mo's Sports Bar in Palos Heights.  The Christmas medley, featuring special guest Carmen Izzo on the second snare, was the highlight of the night.  (see link on the right)   Thanks to Rich and the crew at Mister Mo's.   This was our 4th holiday show there and we hope to make it five!    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our friends, family and co-workers.    You're the reason we do this!

(Posted 11/28/15)   Well, our 3rd annual Black Friday show last night at Durbin's was anything but a turkey.    It was fantastic!    Big thanks to Carmen Izzo for substitute drumming while Rob was out of town.   And a special thanks to our friends who came in out of state.   We are sincerely grateful for you support.    We also want to thank all our local friends and family for coming out.   Hope you had a great time - we sure had a blast!

(Posted 10/23/15)   Last night was a very successful set at the 4th annual ALTSO Rocktober Fest Charity Event at City Winery in Chicago.   Thanks to the ALTSO team and Ray McKenzie for making it all possible.   And mucho thanks to all our friends and co-workers for your support.     Hope you had as much fun as we did!    As a special treat, check out the show at the YouTube link on the right.  Enjoy!

(Posted 09/26/15)    A very successful return last night to the Evergreen Park Classic Auto Show, at Yukich Field.   Friday night, under the stars, classic cars, and classic rock.    This was our third year in row and we can't wait till next year!    Thanks to everyone for showing up - it's always great to see you.

(Posted 09/21/15)    Had to love yesterday's afternoon show at 94 West.   It was one long set in the afternoon and on the patio with good friends and family.    Thanks to all.   And special thanks to Brian for having us.

(Posted 09/11/15)   Well, last night's gig was a first.   The Wrong Boys were one of six acts at a Rocktoberfest Preview held at Subterranean in Chicago.   All proceeds went to the benefit of ALTSO (A Leg To Stand On).    Here is a YouTube link to an excerpt from the performance; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEYG90LQivE.   (Link to full set is on the right.)    And special thanks to all our friends in the Clearing House!!!  

(Posted 09/07/15)  No surprise, last night's Labor Day show at Krapil's was a huge success.   Lot's of family and friends and a special shout out to Diane Biondo and Betty Schmidt (Tommy and Steve's moms) for joining the party.  They had a blast.   And so did everyone else!    Hottest day of the year, too.   Thanks and hope to see you next time.

(Posted 08/24/15)  Well, last night sure proved that Sunday can still be a party night.    A surprisingly great turnout at Mama Vesuvio's.    Lots of dancing, dining, and outdoor partying fun.    The band had a gas, too.   Special thanks to Geno from Mama Vesuvio's and everyone else for showing up AND staying late!    Especially on a Sunday.

(Posted 07/12/15)   While the weather did not cooperate last night, which forced the band to play indoors, it was still a memorable night at Irish Legends in Willow Springs.    We rearranged a few tables, adapted to the space we were given, and played our best show of the year.   Great turnout among friends, family and co-workers, too!   Thanks to all of you especially the staff at Irish Legends - you were great!

(Posted 06/28/15)  The weather cooperated this year at Day In The Park Fest in Evergreen Park.   A beautiful Saturday afternoon and a great party hosted by Mayor Sexton.  The band certainly had fun.    Thanks to everyone, new and old, for coming out.  We appreciate it! 

(Posted 05/17/15)   Yesterday's first outdoor show of the year, at Irish Legends in Willow Springs, was great.   It was an afternoon set at a private graduation party.   The band had a blast - and so did the partiers!  

(Posted 03/15/15)   It was a triumphant return to Durbin's last night - the band's first gig of the new year.    And a fitting kick-off to this year's St. Patty's day weekend.    Complete with Irish hats and a Celtic sailor folk song.    We appreciate and thank all our friends and family for coming out.   And another special thanks to Kathy and team at Durbin's - you all are fantastic!

(Posted 12/06/14)  What an awesome show to end the year.   Last night at Mister Mo's was fantastic.  New friends, old friends, family and co-workers - we love you all.   Thanks for your support.  Rich and team at Mister Mo's, a big THANKS to you, too.    Hope to be back soon.   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our friends, neighbors, families and co-workers. You all are why we do what we do!  

(Posted 11/29/14)  No letdown after Turkey Day this year.   Friday's show at Durbin's was beyond description.  Too many family and friends from all over to mention but thanks and love you all.    Can't forget to mention Karen and crew at Durbin's' for their hospitality and service - what a wonderful time for all.   Looking forward to a return gig.

(Posted 10/31/14)  Sorry, a late update here on our show at Chicago's third annual "Rocktober Fest" held at City Winery on Wednesday, October 8.   This is a hedge fund/financial services industry sponsored charity event for the benefit of ALTSO (A Leg To Stand On).   Joe was on vacation for this one so we asked Jen Justice to cover on vocals.    And what a great job she did.     Check out this snippet from the show, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wbmv20Grkcs.

(Posted 09/27/14)   The debut show last night at The Irish Legend was GREAT!    Not the biggest crowd of the year but one of the most enthusiastic.   The last outdoor gig of the year and the weather was perfect.    Hope to play there again next summer.    Big thanks to all our friends and family for showing up in support.   We love you!

(Posted 09/20/14)   Had a real inspiring, classic "American Graffiti" Friday summer night last night at the Evergreen Park Classic Auto Show.    The sunset background was picture perfect.  Cool cars.  And the music was pretty good, too!    This was our second year and we hope to be back for a third.   Too many folks to thank for this one so just saying big thanks to all our family and friends.   Hope to see you again soon.   

(Posted 08/10/14)   Had a great Saturday night last night at 94 West, in Orland park.     It was our first time there and it was really special.    The dinner crowd loved the songs and stayed till the end (well, most did).    We want to thank Brian for taking a chance on us.    And special thanks to all our family and friends who supported us.    We think you helped us earn a return there someday.    Thanks!!!!

(Posted 08/03/14)   Another wonderful night last night at the 99th and Sawyer, Block Party, in Evergreen Park.   Our second year in a row there.   The kids were awesome - and so were the adults!    You have a great neighborhood there folks.    Special thanks again to Dan Parisi, and his friend Luke, and all their neighbors.  You made us feel as if we belong. Hope to see you again next year.

(Posted 07/19/14)   Another fantastic Friday night at Krapil’s Steakhouse last night.    The weather was perfect and the turnout was overwhelming.    Special thanks to Ron and the team at Krapil’s – everything was great!    We added some new songs, too - hoped you liked 'em.   And big THANKS to all our friends, family, co-workers, and pals from Kennedy HS.   It was great to see you all.

(Posted 06/29/14)  Well, last night was the quickest gig on record.   After one song (and one verse into the second), the skies opened up on the Day in the Park Fest, in Evergreen Park.  Talk about raining on a parade, this storm sent everyone running for cover.   Appreciate the turnout from friends and families, some of which traveled a great distance.   We’re just sorry we couldn’t control the weather.    Thanks to the Mayor and entire Fest Team for your support.    We’ll be back in Evergreen Park soon.

(Posted 06/15/14)  What a memorable night last night at Mama Vesuvio’s East.    Beautiful weather, a nice outdoor patio, and plenty of friends, family, and co-workers.    Now that’s the way to kick-off a summer season.    A special shout-out to those who came from out-of-state; Sparky and Vicki Spain from Michigan (on a motorcycle no less), Todd Biondo from Connecticut, and John Broderick from Michigan.    And a big THANKS to the team at Mama Vesuvio’s.    They made the night feel like a backyard party at home.  And warm thanks to all our family and friends who truly made it an unforgettable evening!   

(Posted 03/16/14)  The Wrong Boys just got this year's first gig under their belt - and what a great time it was at Mister Mo's in Palos Heights.   All the new songs got a thumbs up from the crowd and that was memorable!    Rich and the team at Mister Mo's did a wonderful job once again.  Thank you much.   Can't forget a big thanks to all our friends, family, and co-workers who were there - hope you had a good time!    And a special shout-out to Stash and Lynn, our most loyal and longstanding fans.   You were there again!    Hope to see everyone again sometime soon.   Stay tuned.

(Posted 12/14/13) Can't say enough about last night's gig at Trio in Palos Heights.   It was the last gig of the year for the Wrong Boys and they went out in style.   Glad you liked the Christmas Special Medley featuring Carmen "Lil Drummer Boy" Izzo on the second drum (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRDtRUVrbsw).  We had fun with that one!   Big THANKS to all our friends, family, and co-workers especially from the Merc.  That was a great turnout folks.   And thanks again to Rich and everyone at Trio.  They do a great job all around.   Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to all - from the Wrong Boys

 (Posted 12/07/13)  The Wrong Boys returned to the Cactus Bar and Grill downtown last night to play at FC Stone Intl's holiday party.   Boy, they sure know how to throw a party.    We had a blast right along with the 200 or so FC Stone folks.  BIG thanks to Xuong, Tim, Susan, Laura and the whole team at FC Stone - maybe we can do it again next year!    And special thanks to Tim and Sara and everyone else at Cactus.    You guys do a fantastic job all around. 

(Posted 11/28/13) Last night's Thanksgiving eve bash at Durbin's was quite a night.    We saw special guests from all over and spanning all generations.    And the "Anchors Away" tribute to Ricky Staszak got the whole crowd on its feet.    A heartfelt thanks to Karen and her crew at Durbin's - they make everyone feel at home.    Also, many thanks to all our friends and family for your tremendous support..   

(Posted 10/05/13) A second show in two days - WOW!!! It was the last sweltering gasp of summer at the Evergreen Park Car Show last night. A real American Graffiti night. Classic cars, beer and hot dogs, Wrong Boys rock-n-roll music, and the Good Humor man, too! Thanks to all the town folks, from the Mayor on down. We appreciate your hospitality and friendliness. We love playing in Evergreen Park. Hope to see you next year!

(Posted 10/04/13) A special night - that says it all. It was Chicago's second annual "Rocktoberfest" held last night at House Of Blues. This is a hedge fund/financial services industry sponsored charity event for the benefit of ALTSO (A Leg To Stand On). The Wrong Boys were one of six featured bands. We met a lot of great musicians who played a lot of great music. But it was all our friends and co-workers in the crowd who made it special for everyone all-around. Too many names to mention so just a big THANKS to all. Hope to see you again next year!

(Posted 09/14/13) Wow, another special event at Trio last night in Palos Heights. Again, there were at least three different parties going on. Based on everyone's gyrations, it safe to say a blast was had by all. Special thanks to our new and old friends who showed up. We know you had fun! And special thanks to the dancing girls - you know who you are! Thanks to Tony and the staff at Trio - you are great too!. We're back in December for a holiday show - hope to see you again.

(Posted 08/26/13) Well, the summer outdoor party season ended with a bang last night at Mama Vesuvio's East. It was HOT! If it wasn't 100 degrees, it sure seemed like it. It was an all-day affair and reunion party for the 69th St "Loafers" neighborhood. Seeing the large crowd that stayed to the end, it seems safe to say a good time was had by all. Special thanks to everyone for making it a special night for the band, too! Hey, let's have another reunion and do it again next year.

(Posted 08/03/13) Big shout out to Ron and team at Krapil's Steakhouse & Patio for a fantastic job last night. The stage and dining/dancing areas were kept in great shape despite the wet conditions. It was a very successful return gig and the band sends a big THANKS to all our friends, families, and co-workers for showing up and not fearing the weather (fortunately, the rain had stopped just prior to showtime). The dancers, young and old, were a great inspiration, too. Glad you enjoyed the song selections. Hoping to return soon.

(Posted 07/28/13) What a memorable night last night at the 99th and Sawyer, Block Party, in Evergreen Park. And what a great crowd and neighbors - thanks to all for the warm welcome, drinks, and the desert table! Special thanks to Dan Parisi, his friend Luke, and Karen "on the korner". You made us feel as neighbors on the block. Hope to see you next year.

(Posted 07/04/13) Now that's the way to celebrate the 4th of July. A parade, fireworks, and the Wrong Boys at Bleekers in Evergreen Park, last night, Wednesday, July 3. A perfect start to the holiday. The weather cooperated and it was a great night under the tents. Thanks to Hillary and the team at Bleekers - you were great, inside and out. Special thanks to the three generations of the Matkovich family - we love you all. And thanks to the Mayor for the hosting the event. Hope you enjoyed the military tribute medley. That was a first! Hope to be back next year.

(Posted 06/27/13) Going back to the Durbin's gig on Friday, June 7. (Late update again due to website difficulties - all caught up now.) An encore "party" return to Durbin's. Special thanks to our Kennedy HS pals for hanging out and to Joe's extended family and friends. Everyone else, too. Young and old (shout out to Mrs. Scherner - 90 years young!). Can't forget Val all the way from St. Louis. We love you all. And warm thanks to Karen and Shannon and crew at Durbin's - check them out another time. They'll treat you well and the food is great! We're back in August - hope to see you again.

(Posted 06/18/13)
Going back to the infamous Trio gig on Friday, May 17. (Sorry for the delayed posting here - website difficulties.) What a great time at Trio. A new home bar for the Wrong Boys! There were at least three big parties going on and all had a blast to the very end. Special thanks to the dancing girls - you were wonderful! Their part of the show was a real hoot! Check them out on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thewrongboys). And big thanks again to Kevin and the team at Trio - you are special, too. And the best and last thanks goes out to our friends and families. Love you all and thanks for your support!

(Posted 03/16/13) It was a most memorable Friday night last night at Durbin's. Good food, family, and friends and a St Patty's day weekend kickoff that will be remembered for a long time. How about that special visit by the new pope, just off the Pace bus - and boy, can he play that keyboard, too! Check it out at this link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6bQd2oo1sA. Hope to see you again there soon.

(Posted 02/24/13) BIG THANKS to all our friends, co-workers, family, and classmates who braved the cold last night to come out to Heroes West Sports Grill in Joliet and party with the band. It was our pleasure! It may have been cold outside but it was sure hot inside. The Wrong Boys would like to extend a special thanks to Joe and Kathy and their Heroes West team for having us. Great sports and food, too!

(Posted 01/19/13) The new year sure started off with a bang at Trio, in Palos Heights, last night. It was the Boys debut performance there and a very memorable night. Thanks to all our friends from the old and new neighborhoods, from work, and all our families! You were there when we needed you! And what a great venue Trio is - lots of parties going on at the same time but all partying and dancing to the Wrong Boys. Special thanks to Kevin and crew - they did a great job!

(Posted 12/09/12) Just wrapped up the year with a special show last night at Mister Mo's in Palos Heights. The new Christmas medley went over like gangbusters. Santa hats and all. Rich, Cory, Amanda and the crew at Mister Mo's did a wonderful job once again. Thank you much. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our friends, neighbors, families and co-workers. We appreciate your support - you all are why we do what we do!

(Posted 11/25/12)
Another great return gig at Durbin's in Palos Hills. It was exactly one year since we were there and it was a warm return welcome back. Great crowd all around. Big thanks to all our friends, families, and co-workers (too many to mention). Hope you liked the new songs. Also, special thanks to Stevie Starlite and band. Thanks for stopping by on the way to your gig - we appreciate that! To all, happy holidays and hope to see you soon!

(Posted 10/28/12) We had another charity gig last night at the VFW Hall on 63rd St. It was for Paul Naples and Louise Wolski and their family. We had a great time - thanks to all the friends and families who showed their support for Paul and Louise. Project 7X did a great job, too. Lot's of good songs. Hope we helped even if just a little bit.

(Posted 10/26/12) Wow, last night's performance and reception at the first annual Rocktoberfest in Chicago at the City Winery, was unbelievable. This was a financial services industry sponsored charity event for the benefit of ALTSO (A Leg To Stand On). We met a lot of great musicians who played a lot of great music. Too many names to mention so just a big THANKS to all. Hope to see you again next year (maybe in New York, too).

(Posted 09/29/12) Can't say enough about last night's gig at Krapil's Steakhouse & Patio. Big THANKS to Ron for the stage set-up. Many compliments from the crowd about the sound. And the weather was perfect (once the Wrong Boys heated things up!). This was an awesome outdoor end-of-summer performance. We had a blast! Hope everyone else did, too. Good to see all of our friends and family again - you guys deserve a medal. Don't want to forget the team at Krapils. They were wonderful. Hope to return next summer.

(Posted 09/15/12) Last night at Sullivans Irish Pub & Eatery in Midlothian was a fantastic night all around. The band performed one of its best shows ever. New and old songs. The sound was perfect thanks to Steve Webber on the sound board. Sharon and the whole team at Sullivans made everyone feel at home. We thank you all. Special thanks to our new fans especially Harry! And once again, we were so pleased to see the family and friends who continue to support the band. We can't wait to do it again.

(Posted 08/12/12)
That was another successful return to Mister Mo's in Palos Heights last night. Good crowd too considering the fest competition out there. I think everyone agreed that the Boys played a great two-set show. Hope you liked those new songs. Thanks once again to all our friends, families, and co-workers. We love you all. And special thanks once again to Rich and the staff at Mister Mo's. They make you feel at home.

(Posted 07/01/12) Don't know if it was the band or the weather but it was a "scorcher" yesterday at Evergreen Park's, 24th Annual Day in the Park. A very special thanks to all our friends, families (including the kids), and co-workers who braved the heat and enjoyed the show. You all are real troopers! And big thanks to Dennis Duffy, the event organizer - he sure knows how to host a party! Hope to do this again next year.

(Posted 05/14/12) Another great return gig at Mister Mo's in Palos Heights on Saturday. BIG thanks to the Izzo family reunion. They know how to cut a rug! BIG thanks also to the staff at Mister Mo's and all our friends and family who shared the night with us. And a great performance once again by the band!

(Posted 03/25/12)
Well, we just had another great show at Heroes West in Joliet on Saturday. There were a few special parties going on in every room there. Thanks to all who stopped by to check out the band and party a little with us. And big THANKS again to our neighborhood friends, family, co-workers who traveled from all over to be there. Plus, can't say enough about the crew at Heroes West. They do a great job all around.

(Posted 03/11/12) What a great Friday night (03/09). Real big thanks to all our friends and family for coming out to Papa Ts for our first gig of the year. It was a real homecoming. Kudos to Casey, the new sound man at Papa Ts. He did a great job! Plus, Rob is back from knee surgery. And better than ever. Hope to see you again soon.

(Posted 12/10/11) Well, the final gig of the year went off in a fabulous manner last night. It was a long-awaited homecoming for the Boys at Papa Ts. The band was tight, the sound was excellent (thanks Gage), and we partied with many friends, family, and co-workers. Thanks to all for a very special year. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy and Happy New Year - from the Wrong Boys.

(Posted 12/04/11) It was one of the best Wrong Boys shows of the year last night at Mister Mo's. With several parties going on at the same time, the place was packed and hotter than July. It was a fun holiday celebration for all. Plus, the new Christmas songs went over very well. BIG thanks to the Izzo and Monaco family reunions, our friends from Kennedy High, Bob and Terrie from Michigan, our families, friends, and of course, Albert. Steve sends his thanks to everyone for a wonderful birthday (and anniversary) party. Thanks again to Carmen Izzo who is subbing on the drums while Rob recuperates from knee surgery. He rocks!

(Posted 11/27/11) Big night for the Boys last night at Durbin's in Palos Hills. It was a full house with several parties going on at once. Special thanks Nick on his return from service in Afghanistan, big thanks to the team at Durbins, Howie and friends from Kennedy High, and all our friends, families, Albert (our special MC), and co-workers from MF Global. Hope to see you all again soon.

(Posted 09/28/11) Two updates here: first, best wishes to Wrong Boy drummer Rob Martin who had emergency knee surgery last week. Don't worry, he'll be okay - he just won't be playing drums for a while. Stay tuned for further updates. Second, the Boys had a triumphant return to Mister Mo's Sports Bar inPalos Heightson Saturday (9/24). Great job by Carmen Izzo (yeah, that's Joe's cousin) on drums substituting for Rob Martin. Plus, what a fantastic surprise vocal performance by Al Caiafa on "Gloria". The crowd went wild! Special thanks to Rich and Cory and crew at Mister Mo's for having us back. And Extra Special thanks to our friends, families and co-workers for all your support. We love ya'!

(Posted 08 21/11) Chalk up another GREAT party at Papa Ts on Friday, August 19. Thanks to Nick and Gage and team - wonderful job as usual. And once again, all our friends and family made it a special and memorable night. There was a lot of action on that dance floor. A big Wrong Boys thanks to all of you!!! Send us your pictures, too.

(Posted 08/15/11) What a fantastic debut gig at Sullivans Irish Pub & Eatery in Midlothian on Saturday, August 13. That's a band's club for sure! Special thanks to Dan and crew for making us feel at home. Big thanks to the Rockets who opened the night with a classic set of 60s pop songs. And saving the best for last, a warm thanks to all our friends, family, and co-workers who made the night a real special time.

(Posted 07/16/11) Another great debut performance by the Wrong Boys - this time at Heroes West in Joliet on Friday, July 15. BIG thanks to Kathy and Joe for such a warm welcome. You and your team run a great club and restaurant. Special thanks all our friends and family who showed up on a hot July night. As always, thanks to Al Caiafa for MC duties. He's the best!!!

(Posted 06/28/11) Had a great debut gig at O'Connor Pub & Grilllast Saturday (June 25). Ricky and Kristen want to thank all their friends and family who came out to welcome them home (albeit for a short vacation). What a great party. The Boys had a blast, too. Special thanks to Patty and the O'Connor team. Appreciate the hospitality and hope you had fun too. Thanks!

(Posted 06/12/11) The Boys want to extend a sincere thanks to all friends, family and co-workers who came out to Durbin's in Palos Hills on Friday night (June 10). It was a real special night for the birthday girls, Nancy and Susie. Great job and thanks to the folks at Durbin's, too! Hope to be back soon.

(Posted 05/23/11) Hats off to Mister Mo's Sports Bar in Palos Heights! A very memorable Saturday night (05/21) "rapture" party enjoyed by all. Great food, games, hospitality, and a classic show by the Boys. SPECIAL thanks to Rich and Corey and crew at the club. And BIG thanks to all our friends, family, and co-workers who came out to support our debut performance at Mister Mo's.

(Posted 05/15/11) What a surprisingly memorable Saturday night it turned out to be at Papa Ts Pizza & Pub (05/14). Despite the downpour, it was a great turnout. A lot of newcomers, too. Special thanks to family, friends from the neighborhood and fellow co-workers - it was our pleasure to entertain you! Nick, Gage, and team at Papa Ts deserve a big thanks, too. Great job folks.

(Posted 03/19/11)  Another great time at a Charleyhorse Restaurant, this time in New Lenox. Special thanks to Paul and crew for making this a memorable night. Also, gotta' say thanks to friends from St. Rene, family, and co-workers who made the trek. And BIG thanks to Al Caiafa for MC duties. Check out these videos on YouTube courtesy of David Staszak and his iPhone. Unbelievable. (thanks Dave!). http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=voush1&aq=f.

(Posted 02/19/11) There's no place like home at Papa Ts for the Wrong Boys. What a GREAT party last night (02/18). Nick, Gage and crew - thanks for a wonderful job as always. Friends, family, co-workers - we thank you all. Special thanks to fellow players Stevie Starlite, Russ DeLuca, and Curt Collins who, on a rare night off, could have gone anywhere but came to see the Wrong Boys. Thanks guys!

(Posted 01/10/11) Okay, the Boys just put the first gig of the New Year behind them on Saturday, January 8. What a blast they had at Bobby McGee's in Crest Hill, "The hottest place to party in the Joliet area!" Special thanks to Allen, the manager, for hosting the night and enjoying himself, too. (We saw you singing and dancing behind the bar!) Also, BIG thanks to Karen, Ellen, Lynn and Stash, along with all the other folks there, for braving the cold to join the party. We really appreciate seein' you all out there dancing and having fun.

(Posted 12/06/10)  Was that Charleyhorse Restaurant gig on Saturday (12/04) hot or what? While it was a new venue for the Boys it felt like home. And that was because of all the family, friends, fans and co-workers who chose to brave the weather to party and celebrate the holidays with the Wrong Boys. BIG thanks to all of you! The new Christmas songs went over well - glad you enjoyed them. Steve wants to send a special note of thanks to everyone for making this his most memorable birthday party ever! Happy Holidays and a Happy Happy New Year, too!

(Posted 10/31/10)  What an unbelievable Halloween party on Friday night (10/29) at Papa Ts Pizza & Pub. This one was even better than last year's. There's always magic in the air when you mix costumes, rock-n-roll, and liquor all in one night. Cheech and Chong (whoever they were) won $100 as the first place costume contest winners - congratulations!!! The Boys would like to thank Nick and his team at Papa Ts. They do a fantastic job every time. And a special thanks to Gage for getting the sound and mix "just right".

(Posted 10/19/10)  Another BIG thanks to Fran and folks at Bobby McGee's Good Time Pub - the show in the V-Lounge on Saturday (10/16) was fantastic!!! And special thanks to the 63rd st. neighborhood gang, co-workers at the Merc, and all our family and friends for joining us. It was like one big block party and reunion, all in one.

(Posted 10/04/10)  The Boys would like to thank Fran and crew at Bobby McGees's Good Time Pub for a cool opportunity on the BIG stage. We played a one-set show at Bobby McGee's Muscular Dystrophy Association charity show on October 2, and it was awesome. We were one of eight bands and it was a great day/night all around. Go to the Videos/Links button and check out three songs from the show.

(Posted 07/22/10) Looks like we're taking some time off now but what a GREAT summer it was From 3 sets on Friday (July 16) at Real Time Sports in Elk Grove to 2 sets opening for "Probable Cause" on Saturday (July 17) at Tailgaters in Bolingbrook. Special thanks to all our friends, family, and neighbors who came out on a HOT weekend! Also, want to personally thank Bob and crew at Tailgaters for taking great care of the band and to John and Probable Cause for inviting us join them on the Kennedy HS Party bill. Hope to do it again!

(Posted 07/06/10) Hey all, had a great time at "Teddy's" 6318 W. 60th Street, 4th of July, Block Party (in the alley). Fireworks and all. Everyone braved and partied through the rain and had a great time. BIG thanks to Teddy for having us. Maybe next year again?

(Posted 06/26/10)  Special thanks to family, friends and co-workers who joined us at Papa Ts Pizza & Pub on Friday, June 25. It was a hot summer night - perfect for rock-n-roll!!! Glad everyone had a wild but safe time.

(Posted 04/26/10)  If you made it this far down, don't forget to go to the Videos/Links button to see the rip-roaring, classic set-ending song, Gloria, featuring Al Caiafa, along with Al Gattone and Frank Wiencek on stage at Bobby McGee's Good Times Pub on April 24, for the 63rd Street Gang Reunion - unbelievable!

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