Scroll through here for some other bands related to the Wrong Boys over time.   That would include the Theatre Band (Steve and Tommy), Scraps (Rob and Pat Deane), and the Ants (Steve, Tommy, and Pat Deane).   See the connections?   Adding songs slowly.    Click the dropdown button and see what songs for each band are there so far. 

Official Band Line-Ups:

The Theatre Band; Donni Bennett (Vocals, Guitar), Tommy Biondo (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Kacy Ross (Guitars, Vocals, 1980-1982), Steve Staszak (Guitars, 1978-1980), Ricky Wilcox (Drums, Vocals).  Circa 1978-1982.    Here is a YouTube link to the 35th year reunion show opener (Cars Medley) at Lowry Park in Tampa on Friday, May 9, 2014;   And here is the show's closing song, Boy Like Me;   For all the other songs in the show, plus past reunion shows, do a YouTube search for "Theatre Band Reunion Show".   Here's a bonus - click this link for the short set at Tere Bertke's 60th birthday party in Palm Harbor on Saturday, May 10;  All are worth checking out.   Not bad after 35 years!

Scraps: Pat Deane (Vocals), Greg Malick (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Rob Martin (Drums), Glenn Miller (Guitars, Vocals), Joe Minor (Guitars, Vocals).  Circa 1978 - 1982.

The Ants: Tommy Biondo (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Zaido Cruz (Drums, Vocals), Pat Deane (Vocals), Glenn Miller (Guitars, Vocals), Steve Staszak (Guitars).  Circa 1976-1978.

Now you see the connections and the era, right?    And what a fine time it was for everyone!

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